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I first met Dave in the late 1980s when I was still a resident physician living "day to day" from a financial standpoint as a resident physician works long hours but receives little pay. Going to a restaurant to eat was quite a nice scenario as both free time and finances were limited back then. Dave was a server at a restaurant that I went to on an infrequent basis. He so impressed me with his pleasant demeanor, attention to details with my order and timely "delivery" of my order to my table that I became a "regular" at this restaurant and would go on days I knew Dave was working and always requested him. Even if he was at his maximum with allotted tables to serve, he would always happily take care of me by adding me to his area of coverage. As far as attention to detail and memory, I would never have to "reorder" one of my favorite meals and to this day, he still remembers my order down to the details of how I varied the order from it's usual preparation! Our friendship began in this manner and I soon learned of his musical talent. Years later, when I was finished with residency, my first large Christmas party at my new home was topped off with Dave and a few of his fellow musicians performing at it; needless to say, the party was a huge success from the musical portion of the event. Any "formal" party I have hosted since that point in time has always included Dave and his guitar. I will state, without any hesitancy, that Dave will provide the atmosphere you are looking for; prior to any of my parties, he and I would discuss my overall goals with the music and, again with his attention to detail, the results were exactly what I wanted. I am grateful to have Dave as a talent I can hire for an event but most importantly, I am lucky to have him as my friend! 

- Lawrence Wang M.D.

I played with Dave Schroeder during my formative years of jazz, and I consider him to be one of my greatest influences. As an accompanist, he helped me to discover my own style, giving me freedom, encouragement and solid support. As a player I found that his spirited, playful, and sensitive style was very much an extension of who he was: a man who loves music, people and loves life! It has been great to see him enjoying his success, sharing the music and teaching others with that same enthusiasm. 

We had some great times driving to gigs all over LA and Orange County (and aboard yachts), talking on the CB radio. Once I revealed my Jazz Club lottery fantasy, which he proceeded to talk me out of, saying "You can't make any money owning a jazz club!" We played 'My Favorite Things' for Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards, who gave us a wink and a nod. Ate lots of 'two in a bowl' soup. Were featured on local TV shows, and played with lots of great musicians over the years: Martin Matthews, Jeff Jorgenson, Cecelia Coleman, Mark Massey, Justo Almario, and many more. It was a great time. He's been a mentor, a partner and a great friend. I feel lucky to know him.

~ Dorothy Collins/Wineman



I’ve known Dave Schroeder first as a musician and then as a person, almost 10 years. I have listened to him play countless times, employed him for many different occasions both in my line of work and personally. He has played in my home and for friends, and never disappointed.

He is a professional in every way, and “makes an occasion” standout as a notable event.

I’d miss my bet if you didn’t enjoy Dave and his music. 

- Mike Ruffolo


Dave Schroeder is a true professional, and a very, very talented musician.

I have hired Dave to perform for several of my professional events and he is always a hit!

Dave has also been a tremendously influential person in our son's life.  We hired Dave to give Jay guitar lessons when Jay was about 14 years old. Jay wanted to play the guitar but did not want to do the hard work of learning to sight read.  Dave patiently, professionally and with a great deal of friendship to Jay, worked and worked with him.  Today, Jay is a senior at UCLA as a music major with scholarships! He plays multiple stringed instruments with the double bass being his primary instrument but also plays cello, guitar, electric bass and keyboard.

Jay has been accepted into many performance groups where sight reading is critical and every time he goes through the process, he thanks Dave!  He has already gotten credits for indie films which is all sight reading work.

He will always be a part of this family's life.

- Diana Rubottom

Jenelle Lents.jpeg

Dave was amazing and a pleasure to work with. He played during the cocktail hour of our wedding at Casa Real at Ruby Hill Winery. Not only was he professional, organized, and very accommodating, he is incredibly talented. He plays so beautifully, and it created the perfect celebration atmosphere we were hoping for. We received many compliments about Dave and his playing made our special time all the more wonderful. We would highly recommend him for any party or event, and we hope to book him again! 

Thanks for being the best! 

~ Jenelle Lents

We are so glad we contacted Dave to play jazz guitar at our special dinner party. Right from the planning process Dave was easy to communicate with and showed good intuition about our needs. He arrived early, dressed nicely, and set up quickly. There is an ambiance that only live music from a true professional can bring to an event, and Dave provided that ambiance. We were impressed with his wide repertoire of songs, and his ability to read and respond to the feel of our party. Everything was perfect - a total hit! 

Sandy and Tom Ribar

Discovery Bay, California

We hired Dave to do the music at a reception for our 25th wedding anniversary. We did not have a chance to hear him live but loved what we heard on his website track. It was wonderful! We gave him a sense of our genre likes and he took it from there. We got so many positive comments about how the music added to the evening. We would recommend him and/or use him again in a heartbeat. Kudos to you Dave!


- Nancy Herney

I invited Dave to play at our dental Society's holiday party in an East Bay country club this year.  I was very much impressed by his professionalism throughout my dealings with him from the initial booking until the day of performance.  His performance was great and the guests loved his song selections.  His playing style and volume level are ideal for a cocktail/dinner party since they will create the ideal ambience without interfering with conversations.  I found Dave to be reliable, punctual, professional and above all a great musician.  I would highly recommend him to others and look forward to another opportunity to book him for my next event.

- Paul Kasrovi, DDS

Working with Dave for my mother’s birthday party was a wonderful experience.  He is professional, thorough and has excellent attention to detail in planning the event.  His music provided a great backdrop for our afternoon garden party, and our guests all commented on Dave’s talent.  Dave did a great job to pick the right music to fit with our theme and the demographics of our guests. We highly recommend Dave to anyone for his or her next occasion.  


- Trish Drew

When I stumbled upon Dave’s website, it was an absolute blessing! I was looking for some casual, live music for a Broker Event my company was hosting in San Ramon. The venue was quite small, so it worked out perfectly that Dave required very little space and only one outlet. His music selection was just right for the atmosphere. And during breaks he even left CDs playing on the stereo, which really helped to keep a seamless flow of great music throughout the event. In short, I absolutely recommend Dave for your next event! Very professional, detail-oriented, and sounds great!

- Kara Somsen

  ProConcepts International, Inc.

I have been a close friend of Dave Schroeder since January 1986.  Over the years, I have always admired Dave's commitment to his craft.  When I listen to him play, it's clear to me that he spends many hours each day perfecting his guitar skills.

A while back, we were planning a party for my father's 70th birthday and without hesitation we requested that Dave play at the party.  Dave was more than happy to oblige.  

Dave arrived early so that he would have plenty of time to set up his equipment.  While Dave drives a small car, he packs some pretty impressive equipment.  Suffice to say, Dave is "self-contained".  Within a very short time, Dave was set and began warming up (well before any guests had arrived).  

As the guests showed, Dave was playing a series of period appropriate songs.  Dave took the time to record drum and other instrument tracks to the songs he was playing.  So, while he was playing solo, he sounded like a full contingent.

Dave's appearance and demeanor were both professional and pleasant.  The guests really enjoyed listening to Dave play.  Some guests had requests which Dave was more than willing to play.  I witnessed many attendees talking with Dave about the possibility of playing at a future event.

Dave did not expect any fringe benefits (food, drink, etc.) as part of the gig.  Dave did not take extended or frequent breaks - only what one would expect was reasonable.

My father's event went off without a single hitch.  Thanks in part to Dave being a dedicated professional that is "on his game".

Without any hesitation, I would recommend Dave for your event.  I would be more than happy to answer any specific questions regarding Dave.  I can be reached via e-mail at  Once e-mail contact is established, I am happy to exchange telephone numbers for a more "real-time" interaction.  Should you select Dave for your event, I have the utmost confidence that you will not be the least bit dissappointed.


- Scott Olsen

Dave has been a wonderful addition to our Premier Cabernet Release Parties here at The Steven Kent Winery over the last couple of years! His talent and wisdom in picking the right music for our high end event is exceptional! Our guests enjoy what he plays and frequently ask when we’ll be having him back to play again! His professionalism and reliability are a testimony to the high standards he holds himself to. Dave will not disappoint! Be sure to invite him to play at your next event! Ours wouldn’t be the same without him!

- Cindy Turchino

  Tasting Room and Hospitality Director

  The Steven Kent Winery

 “Dave was a fantastic addition to our birthday event. Not only is he a talented musician capable of playing a wide range of music, but he also did a great job of reading the crowd and not overpowering the space. I would recommend him completely and use him again for a future event.” 


Jeff Barbano

Dave Schroeder is not only a great musician but a great person to do business with.  We at Summerset III have enjoyed Dave's music three times at our Pool Parties.  His music choices span every type you would want.  We are looking forward to many more evenings with Dave.

~ Donna Bokman

Dave played at our Social Worker Appreciation Day event in March. We had almost 300 people in attendance, and several of them said to me that his guitar playing really set the mood of the event.  The music was appropriate to our brunch, and it was soothing to hear. His music created an uplifting and friendly vibe at our resource center and left Social Workers feeling refreshed and happy after the event was over. Dave was on-time to set up, he was flexible with our small venue, and he did not fail to put a smile on everyone’s face. I would highly recommend that you book Dave for your next event!

~ Soquel Filice, Program Coordinator at the Kinship, Adoptive, and Foster Parent Association

Dave, thank you so much for the wonderful music you played for our wedding and dinner.  Everyone commented on how wonderful it was and what a large selection of music you played.  You added the EXACT ambiance I was wanting!!


~ Diane Green

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